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School Management System

School Management System (SMS)

It is a complete School Management Software which is built to administer the various activities of school accurately using latest technology. SMS (School Management System) in itself is a Manager of the School.

Key Features

Admission/Registration Module
  • Maintain Admission/Re-admission and all other details of Students
  • Search Student on the basis of various criteria
  • Print of Admission form
  • Generation of I-Card
  • Define class wise and student wise subjects
  • Promote/Demote Student
  • Various Reports like Student Promotion and Student Leaving Reports
    • Student registration form.
    • New admission form.
    • Re-admission form.
    • Student and parents picture
    • Create new class and section.
    • Manage student class wise roll no.
    • Student I-Card creation.
    • Manage class wise student attendance.
    • Issue student hostel.
    • Transfer student from one section to another.
    • Promote and demote the student from one class to another class.
    • Leave student permanently.
    • Issue T.C to student.

REPORTS: Class/Name/Father Name/City & Village/Admission no and Admission Date wise report printing, Admission form printing, Class wise roll no printing, Student I-Card Printing, Class/Date and individual student wise attendance report printing, Student hostel report printing, Date and Student wise Promote/Demote and Leave report printing, Student T.C printing.
Student Fee Module
  • Different type of Fee structures like
    • class wise
    • Student wise
  • Fees can be defined for special cases and sibling cases of students
  • Month wise Fee and Fine collection
  • Provision for fees directly taken in Bank.
  • Automatic Integration of Inventory Module with Fee Module
  • All essential reports like Fee Collection, Fee Details Report, Head Wise Fee Collection, Student Fee Ledger, Concession and Pending Fee Report
    • Create new fee category
    • Create new fee head (Monthly, Bimonthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, Yearly etc.)
    • Apply class wise fee head ( New student and Re-Admission )
    • Manage last year student balance fee head wise.
    • Manage head wise fee for sibling student case and special student case.
    • Fee collection form
      • Use Receipt no or Bank Receipt no(for fees directly paid in bank a/c of school).
      • Head wise fee collection (Monthly, Bimonthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, Yearly & etc )
      • Village wise fee collection (all detail given in Transport Module)
      • Pay previous balance.
      • Pay last year fee.
      • Pay next year fee in advance.
      • Issue books, tie, belt, uniform and other stock etc.
      • Post receipt in accounts or not.
      • Show student ledger at the time of fee collection
      • Fee receipt printing (original & duplicate)

REPORTS: Date wise fee collection report printing, Date & Receipt no wise fee head report printing, Class wise fee paid or not paid report printing, Class wise monthly pending fee report printing, Date & Student wise last year balance paid report printing, Bank account wise cash book and Ledger report printing, Student ledger report printing, Date wise cancel receipt no report printing,
Accounts Module
  • Managing all Accounts of the School
  • Account Heads (Assets, Liability, Trading, Income, Expense)
  • Cash, Bank and Journal Voucher
  • All related reports like Cash Book, Day Book, Journal Book, Ledgers and Trial Balance
    • Create new account head (Asset, Liabilities, Profit & Loss)
    • Create new account under Account Head.
    • Cash voucher
    • Bank voucher
    • Journal (Transfer) voucher

REPORTS: Date wise cash book report printing, Date wise day book report printing, Date wise journal book report printing, Date wise ledger / Head ledger report printing, Trial balance report printing.
Time Table Module
  • Manages Time Table of each class as well as staff members
  • Auto Generation of Time Table.
  • Teacher substitution.
    • Generate periods (for summer, winter, etc.)
    • Apply subjects to teachers for generate time table.
    • Apply Date/Subject/Teacher wise weekly schedule.
    • Generate class wise time table.
    • Substitute teacher.

REPORTS: Date wise teacher schedule report printing, Substitute teacher report printing, Class wise time table report printing.
Inventory Module
  • Maintain all kinds of stock of books /diaries/uniforms
  • Purchase and Sale Return of items
  • Inventory Reports like Stock Ledger, Sale Register, Purchase Register, Sale Return Register and Purchase Return Register
    • Create new item type.
    • Create new item under item type.
    • Purchase voucher.
    • Sale voucher.

REPORTS: Date/Item wise purchase report printing, Date/Item wise sale report printing, Date/Item wise stock report printing.
Employee/Payroll Module
  • Keeps all the Personal Details of Employees.
  • Automatic entry of Employee Attendance through smart cards and Camera
  • Payroll Module includes
    • Creation of salary components and their association
    • Association of employee with a particular slab
    • Provision for automatic handling Account of employee
    • Salary calculation and posting in salary account of employee
      • Create all employees. (Teaching & Non Teaching Staff)
      • Create new salary slab.
      • Create new salary head.
      • Manage salary head relation.
      • Apply date wise salary head to individual staff member.
      • Employees daily attendance (Absent, Half day, One third, Paid full day, Paid halfday, remaining paid holidays) 
      • Employee loan from P.F a/c detail (Refundable or Non Refundable)
REPORTS: Generate monthly salary sheet for teaching & non teaching staff, Attendance sheet of all or single employee report printing, Generate pay slip report printing, Department wise staff report printing
Transportation Module
  • Entry of various vehicles and drivers employed to pick and drop students
  • Entry of different Routes from where the students are to be picked / dropped
  • Transportation Fee maintenance
  • Reports like Vehicle Driver Report, Route Report, Station Student Report
    • Create new vehicle type.
    • Create vehicle detail.
    • Manage date wise vehicle driver detail.
    • Create new route master.
    • Create date wise route detail with timing (Morning, Evening, Half day)
    • Manage date & route wise student fee (Up, Down, Both)

REPORTS: Station wise student report printing, View station & route detail report printing, Vehicle driver report printing,
Security Module
  • User level Security controlling for each transaction of software
  • Maintaining User Histo.ry Log.
    • Create new user.
    • Allow permission user level (Add, Modify, Delete, View, Print)
    • Change password.

REPORTS: History report of transactions describing financial transactions added/modified/deleted by different users.

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