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For Marketing Cooperative Societies

Solution for (Marketing Cooperative societies)

MCSS (Cooperative Society Solution) is a complete solution for operation of Marketing Cooperative societies.

Key Features

Accounts Module
Maintain the record of all Accounts.
  • Cash voucher
  • Transfer voucher
  • Bank voucher
  • Day Book,
  • Cash Book,
  • Journal Book,
  • Ledger book
  • Trading Account,
  • Nodal Point wise Format
  • Profit And Loss A/c
  • Expense Detail Pl Account
  • Expense Detail Trading Account
  • Balance Sheet.
  • Trial Balance
  • RD Report
Procurement and Inventory Module
  • Maintains all kinds of stock and their transactions.
  • Record the procurement transactions along with the calculation of TDS, Dami and Labour amount.
    • Purchase
    • Sale
    • Procurement
    • Stock Detail.
      • Group Wise Stock Report
        • Standard Format
        • Portrait Printing
        • Land scap Printing
      • Item Wise Report
        • Standard Format
        • Date wise Format
        • Trading A/c
        • Standard Format
        • Group wise Format¬†¬†
    • Dami and Labour TDS Reports
    • Procurement Report
      • Crmp-1 For Application
      • Crmp-3 For Lifting
Arath Module
  • Arhat
  • Item creation
  • J Form Zimidar Account
  • I Form Purchaser Account
  • TDS Report
    • Account Wise TDS Report
    • Date Wise TDS Report
    • Dami and Labour TDS Report
    • Tax Deduction Report
    • Bonus Report
Utility Module
  • Option for setting Reminder for other necessary tasks of user.
  • A feature for securing database at any time.
  • Windows Calculator for calculating tasks.
  • Web Browsing Automatic
  • Balance Sheet Setting
  • Tax Setting

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