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Custom  Software  Development

We deliver cost effective and reliable solutions.
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Our services include research, development, reuse, reengineering and software management. We develop various process improvement strategies for our customers and develop action plans for implementing new and improved business practices. At Meharsoft, we have extensive expertise in using technology to fulfil business needs and develop customized software solutions as per the needs of the customer. We also offer our services as your technology partner and you can count on us to deliver cost effective and reliable solution.

Software as a service

Work efficiency and low cost.
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(Cloud Solution)

Cloud computing is a driving force in the technological world today. In simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data/programs on the Internet instead of our computer’s hard drive. The term ‘Cloud’ is just a metaphor for the Internet. Meharsoft started providing SaaS based cloud computing services to its clients soon after the inception of SaaS model in the industry. We maintain our own data centre to provide cost effective and efficient services to our clients. Some key benefits of using SaaS based cloud computing services are:

  • Lower direct/initial expenses in the form of monthly subscriptions.
  • Zero maintenance cost leads to lower total cost of ownership.
  • Better work efficiency because everything is on the cloud.
  • No need to take regular back up of business data as everything
    is on the cloud.


We believe in quality service.
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We remain dedicated to our customers and believe in quality service. Our job does not end at providing the Software. Here are the steps you need to know while filing a complaint.


Cooperative, Agriculture and Education Sectors.
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Software Consultancy in Cooperative and Agriculture sectors is the prime business area of Meharsoft. We are providing consultancy and customized software development for last 10 years in the following sectors:

  • Cooperative Sector
  • Agriculture Sector
  • Education sector


We provide extensive training to all our clients.
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Meharsoft provides extensive training to all our clients, especially to senior clients, who face difficulties in using a computer. We provide them software training along with teaching them how to use computer from scratch. We also train people on our software and teach them about the latest technology in the sector at cooperative training institutes (Punjab & Himachal).


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