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Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Software Consultancy in the fields of Cooperative and Agriculture sector is the prime business area of Meharsoft. We are providing consultancy and customized software development for the last 10 years in following sectors:

  • Cooperative Sector
  • Agriculture Sector
  • Education sector
  • Tourism sector

We provide services like research, development, reuse, reengineering and general management of the software products to our clients. We develop various process improvement strategies for our customer and develop the action plan for implementing new improved business practices.

At Meharsoft, we have extensive expertise in applying technology to business needs and develop customized software solutions as per customer needs. Whether you need help with one project or looks for a long term technology partner, you can count on us to deliver cost effective and reliable solution.

  • Market & Technical Research for software business solution.
  • Gathering requirements for the total proposed business solution
  • Analyzing problems and devising a plan or design for software solutions
  • Develop the software solution
  • Quality Control and Test the Software.
  • Implement the software solution.
  • Provide maintenance and bug fixing.