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For Thrift And Credit Cooperative Societies

Solution for (Thrift and credit Cooperative societies)
  • The system will satisfy the increased need for high speed & efficient information transfer among the different branches of the Credit Society.
  • The system will be enabled to allow multiple people to view different fields of the products at the same time.
  • Even though the system will allow multiple users, only a few of the senior managers will be given higher privileges like updating and adding data in the fields.
  • Any change in the database will immediately be reflected on the website. Details of the different products and the related attributes will be clearly stated Easy navigation throughout the site to different products offered by the Society.
  • Online Member Login & Agent Login/advisor login.
  • Multiple Branch transaction Facility as well as multiple Operator facility. From any branch a customer can withdrawal the payment.
  • Message Integration on various events.
  • Flexibility in creation of Plan & schemes.
  • Website interface that will allow easy navigation of various parts of the site after confirming the login ID and password. Website and software that will be hosted on web server.

Key Features

Master Module
To capture the entire master context for all the modules:
  • Member details and related master information.
  • All the documents that form part of loan process.
  • Employee details.
  • Agent’s details and commission details.

Loan Module and Interest Calculation
This module is for automation of loaning and recovery process along with the required interest calculation. Loan module includes:
  • Loan account opening capturing required details like documents, security or mortgage details and other details also.
  • Loan advancement voucher for advancing the loan amount passed.
  • Loan recovery voucher with automation of kist calculation, interest calculation with penalty amount.
  • Provision for interest posting at the end of the year.
Deposit Module
This module is for automation of saving accounts and other deposit schemes like RD and FD along with the required interest calculation and posting. Saving module includes:
  • Opening of all type of Deposit Accounts like Saving Accounts, FD Accounts, RD Accounts and MIS Accounts with their interest details and other details.
  • Deposit voucher for Saving Accounts, RD and FD Accounts.
  • Withdrawal voucher of Saving Accounts, Interest posting of RD and FD Accounts, Saving kists of RD Accounts.
  • Maturing and Pre maturing of RDs and FDs.

Security Module
To control the operations of CCSS the security module is provided to authenticate the user against different levels of security. Only authenticated user can perform the required task. In addition to that all the operations performed by the user in the CCSS along with voucher entries will be logged as user history. The user history reports can be viewed by the higher officials.
Reporting Module
  • Financial Reports (Cash Book, Day Book, Ledgers Details).
  • Loan Reports(Recovery Demand Report, Personal Ledger)
  • FD and RD Demand and Opening Reports.
  • Agent commission and agents hierarchy reports.
Consolidate Module
Consolidate module all branches wise consolidation reports. Where ever you want you can get the consolidate Report.
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and loss
  • RD
  • Trail Balance
  • Loan Advancement
  • Loan Recovery Report
  • Loan Demand Report
  • Security level
SMS Alert
In this way you can aware the Client by provide massage alerts to your clients for. Some sms alerts types given below.
  • Deposit in RD/Saving/FD/MIS Account
  • Recovery in Loan Account
  • Alert for Recovery of Loan
  • Alert for RD Kist
Why Us
  • We Provide Complete Solution with all Advance Features.
  • Best Optimal Way to Provide Online software Solution.
  • Simple, very user friendly, easy to Operate.
  • We understand & know Core of Banking.
  • A dynamic team of skilled & motivated professionals.
  • We provide our clients seamless & cost effective access to the best solution.

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